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Apollo's Puppies

Apollo has been bred to some beautiful bitches and produced well. He is consistently producing his energetic, high drive temperament and vocal chords. Several are flourishing on the field and in the show ring. To date he has sired 9 litters. No dermoid sinus, no bad bites and no ridgelessness.

Apollo is a one of a kind dog, floating effortless movement, enthusiastic

on the coursing field and an entertaining hoot in the obedience ring. He produced well with several girls, producing versatile temperaments with several DC's, one VC, and one VCX. He has also aged very well, and is still with us at age 12 looking far younger.


MBIF DC Intrigue's Apollo Sun by Jager


Titan is an Apollo X Zuzu son

Titan is our liver nose boy that lives with us in NC.


CH Jager's Sweet Reunion of Intrigue JC RA BN CA

Jackson is an Apollo X Zuzu son

Jackson lives in NC with Shannon and Dan.


BIF FC Jagers Warrior Sun of Intrigue CGC CD BN RE SC NAJ OAP AJP CA VC

Panzer is an Apollo X Zuzu son

Panzer lives with Marina and Tim in Nashville, with a handful of whippets a corgi and a couple of Italian greyhounds. He has held his own in coursing, obedience and agility.


Legacy Hill's Saga of the Bear

LB is an Apollo X Saga son


DC Intrigue's Olympian F1 Legend SC CGC ET

Ayrton is an Apollo X Hera son

Ayrton lives in NC with Rich.


Intrigue's Mission to Kailua-Kona CGC TT RN

Kona is an Apollo X Hera daughter

Kona lives with Maura and Chris


DC Intrigue's Mission Impossible MC CGC ET

Traeger is an Apollo X Hera son

Traeger lives with Courtney.


UKC CH Intrigue's Lava Girl Kioni CGC TDI RN

Kioni is an Apollo X Hera daughter


CH Cynara's All That Spicy Jazz

Stella is a Apollo X Katie daughter


Cynara's Africa's King of the Titans HIC TDI CGC THD THDA CD GN RA

Titan is an Apollo X Katie son

Titan lives with Debbie in Boise, ID. Titan is the second recorded Ridgeback to ever earn AKC's THD title and the first Ridgeback to earn the THDA. He regularly visits and participates in many therapy programs. He also has been ranked in the Top 20 Ridgebacks in Obedience. He received his CD in 3 straight trials, 3rd highest score on the 1st and 3rd days.


BIF DC Cynara's Astral Phenomenon MC RN CGC HIC

Astra is an Apollo X Katie daughter

Astra lives with Doug in Oklahoma.


CH Cynara's Affinity for Intrigue JC RA BN CGC HRQ2 JH-S

Trouble is an Apollo X Katie daughter

Trouble lives with Mark and Elaine of Cynara Ridgebacks in Oklahoma.


CH Intrigue'd Khoisan by Tam Lyn CGC TDI HIC SC HRQ1 HRQ2

Khoi is an Apollo X Gennie daughter

Khoi lives with Sam near the beach in North Carolina. She spends her days being a spoiled only dog. She regularly explores the tank trails aboard Camp Lejeune.


CH Tam Lyn's Faerie Mist

Aeden is an Apollo X Gennie daughter

Aeden lives with Karla and Craig in North Carolina.


CH Intrigue's Gem on Fire CGC SC RN ET

Ellie is an Apollo X Calypso Daughter

Ellie lives with Shannon and Dan in North Carolina


Intrigue's Trojan Redd Sun CGC TDI JC QC RN TT BN

Ronan is an Apollo X Calypso son

Ronan lives with Maura and Chris out west.


CH Intrigue's RS Lie Down With Lions CGC

Siege is an Apollo X Calypso son

Siege lives with Corey and Doug in Maryland.

Siege is not available at stud.


GCH Orangewood's Peppa Peparazzi at Old Ranch CGC

Pepper is an Apollo X Ziita daughter

Pepper lives in California with Anthony.


GCH Orangewood's Moonlight Serenade at Old Ranch SC HIC

Cheena is an Apollo X Luna daughter

Cheena lives with Deborah and Tom of Orangewood Ridgebacks in California. Cheena is a beautiful blend of Apollo and Luna. She finished her CH, breeder/owner handled from the BBE class with 4 majors and is close to her GCH with limited showing. She is close to finishing her FC as well, taking points at each trial in limited running. At home, in the ring, or on the field... Cheena is a true delight and wonderful representative of the breed.

Some candid shots of Apollo's kids

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