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GCH Intrigue's Madeira Trojan Moon


July 2, 2005 ~ August 27, 2014

Calypso's Current Health Testing Results:

OFA Hips: Good

OFA Elbows: Normal

Cardio: Normal

CERF: Normal (tested 2007, 09, 11)

DM DNA: Carrier

EOAD: Clear

MSU Thyroid: Normal (tested 2007, 09, 11, 14)

Calypso is 24 1/4 inches and 74 lbs

Calypso's Accomplishments:

Calypso has four AKC Conformation Champions: Shiloh, Siege, Ellie and Fusion.

Best in Match, Multi-Best in Sweeps, 3rd in Brood Bitch at our Nationals in 2012, under Judge Barbara Rupert.

Calypso was the first Intrigue Ridgeback to earn the RRCUS

Endurance Trial Certificate and was also our first Grand Champion.

Calypso's full siblings can be found on Gemini's puppy page.

Calypso was the first to cross the rainbow bridge in our pack. She was my heart dog and a dog I had so much respect for. She was the ultimate brood bitch and passed that onto her daughter Fusion. She was my first Ridgeback to enjoy runs with Mom. She defines the beginning of the Intrigue line as our first home bred Champion and Grand Champion. She defines the breed type we seek to maintain in our program. She was my "BDE"... Best Dog Ever... RIP

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