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Calypso's Puppies

Our Second Generation...

Calypso's puppies are nicely within the standard for size, with good substance and bone. Her puppies are athletic, with beautiful pigment and head-type. She produced a total of 13 liver nosed puppies.

Calypso won 3rd place in the Brood Bitch class at the Orlando Specialty in 2012, with daughters Ellie and Fusion standing behind her.

Calypso's kids Fusion and Mambo also won us the Breeder's Stake in Lure Coursing at the 2012 National Specialty with their combined high scores.

Above, Calypso's athletic kids play rough and up on rears... no one is afraid of breaking a nail here!


CH Intrigue's Gem on Fire CGC SC RN ET

Ellie is an Apollo X Calypso Daughter. 

Ellie was novice-owner handled to her AKC championship. She is a very sweet, drivey girl, with a mind of her own. She fits into our pack beautifully, and visits often. Ellie WON the Amaeur-Owner-Handler class with Shannon at the RRCUS National in Orlando, FL, 2012!


CH Intrigue's RS Lie Down With Lions CGC

Siege is an Apollo X Calypso son.

Siege is a sweet easy going boy with a lot of his dad's temperament. He was shown sparingly and finished quickly with 3 majors on the east coast. As a puppy he was shown both owner handled and professionally earning points from the puppy classes, including a Best of Breed over Specials and Reserve at the TVRRCOT Regional Specialty. After a break from the ring and a move, he earned back to back Majors, owner-handled.


Intrigue's Trojan Redd Sun RN BN TT CGC TDI JC QC

Ronan is an Apollo X Calypso son. Ronan has done some nice things in the performance arena and is pointed in AKC Conformation. He took back to back Reserves at the supported Ocala, Florida show in 2009. He is very sweet and easy going, getting along well with other intact males. He sustained some injuries, so did not finish his conformation Championship due to an affected gait. Ronan was neutered in 2013 due to a prostate infection. He earned 9 points toward his conformation Championship.


Intrigue's Second Wind Orla CGC JC QC RA BN TDI TD

Orla is an Apollo X Calypso daughter.

Orla is a performance prospect living in NC with Barbara. She is a stunning livernose girl who without the 3rd crown, was unanimously pick of her litter for structure and type. She is doing obedience, tracking, and some coursing. Barbara is also active in agility. Her scores in obedience have been high, in the 190's and 90's. RRCUS National 2012, Orlando, FL: Orla WINS the Advanced B Rally class! She is also the first dog we have bred to earn a Tracking Dog title.


GCH Intrigue's Full Expression


Fusion is a Titan X Calypso daughter.

Fusion lives with us here at Intrigue. Fusion won her first point at 6 months from the Bred-by class, and her second one at 7+ months old from the puppy class under breeder-judge Dr. Kammi Hefner.


Intrigue's King of Matabos

Mambo is a Titan X Calypso son. 

Mambo was the most stubborn in his litter, smart and high drive. He was the first in his litter to earn his CGC, at 7 months old. Mambo won 2nd Place in the Open stake in lure coursing at the Orlando, FL, RRCUS National! Major pointed both on the field and in the show ring. Mambo earned 10 points with a major in the show ring but we elected not to finish his championship, and neuter instead.


GCH Intrigue's I'm the bees Knees at Cynara JC RN BN CGC QC

Shiloh is a Titan X Calypso daughter

Shiloh lives with Elaine and Mark Hudson of Cynara Ridgebacks.

Shiloh tested strong for overall performance at 7 weeks.

Shiloh placed 2nd in the 9-12 month puppy class at the RRCUS National in South Dakota, 2011, breeder handled. She was also 4th place in a large Rally Novice B class. Shiloh was the first from her litter to finish and Titan's first AKC Champion. She also earned a Hound Group ONE en-route to her


Intrigue's Sweet Northern Sage CGC HIC

Sage is a Titan X Calypso daughter

Sage is a performance prospect living with Pat in Syracuse, NY. 

Sage had a ball at the Ridgeback Rodeo, and is teaching Pat the difference between sight hounds and other breeds. She is smart, confident, loves the chase, and very affectionate.

"Zola" Intrigue's Affinity for Zola

Zola is a Titan X Calypso Daughter

Zola lives with Deb and AJ in Maryland.

Zola has earned her ASFA certification and already has one of her placements in limited running. She regularly hikes in the woods and runs with her owner.

" Ascari"

Intrigue's First Legend of Ferrari CGC JC

Ascari is a Titan X Calypso daughter

Ascari was loved by Andrea and Rich in NC. She was tragically lost to a blood clot in 2013. She was deeply loved and will be greatly missed.


Int CH Intrigue's Discordia CGC SC RN

Eris is a Titan X Calypso daughter

Major pointed, and several 5 pt major reserves, owner-handled.

FOURTH place Amatuer-owner-handler class RRCUS National 2013, KS

More Candid Pictures of Calypso's kids

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