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Kruger X Fusion 2014

We had this combination in our minds for a while. I saw a Kruger son on the east coast a few yrs ago and was immediately captivated by the correct leg bone and beautiful easy gait in this puppy. Upon looking in the catalog at the puppy's info, I found the sire to be heavily bred with the Calico Ridge lines that I love. One of my mentors in CA has a Kruger son. He produced well and has aged well. Kruger lived to be 15 yrs old, just not often heard of in our breed. From a health standpoint, I was taken as well. To seal it, Kruger had a lovely temperament and also loved to course into his old age. What was not to like?

We are so very grateful to Janice Schindler-Horvat for allowing us to share Kruger with our breeding program. This was our first frozen litter, handled expertly by Dr Joe Kinnarney in Reidsville. We did an ultrasound on February 19th to find Fusion with many puppies. She delivered easily a litter of seven on March 27th. Six girls and one boy. There were two liver girls. All healthy, no kinks or DS, very little white, one with 4 crowns, and two are ridgeless. There were four show potential females to choose from for our line to go forward. I am Thrilled!

Kruger X Fusion puppies week one

Kruger X Fusion puppies week two

This litter went to their new homes Memorial Day weekend 2014. Thank you to these special families who chose a puppy from this litter. The livernose show girl stayed here with us and momma Fusion. We named her Jasmine.

Plans are for Gold, Polkadot, and Purple girls to be shown and do performance events. Silver girl was also evaluated as show potential, but we selected a repeat pet home for her at the beach. The two ridgeless puppies were also very beautifully structured. This litter proved consistent, and one of our best. Beautiful headtype with strong muzzles and underjaw. Athletic, sound rears. Clean shoulders, and strong toplines. Great feet. Chest fill, and deep ribs. Movement that I attribute to the Calico Ridge line no doubt.

Gold girl: Alinea went home to Cary, NC, with Andrea.

Purple girl: Circe went home with Nicole Allen to Richmond, VA.

Silver girl: Nyah went home to Va Beach with Stephanie and Don.

Pink girl: Circe went to Atlanta, GA, with Ryan and Leigh Ann.

Hot Pink girl: Satele went home with Wes and Amy to Cary, NC.

Blue boy: Koa went all the way to Palmer, AK, with Jenny and Steve.

Polka Dot stayed here with us at Intrigue. Her name is Jasmine.

Details and Photos About Kruger....

(Int/Am DC Thorntree Krugerand Windancer MC FCh HIC) CHIC# 7083

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