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Fusion's Puppies

Our Third Generation...

In 2014 we did a frozen surgical breeding with our girl Fusion.

We are grateful to Janice Shindler-Horvat for allowing us to use her beautiful boy Kruger.

Fusion's puppies are just beginning to hit the ring and the field.

They show great promise as coursers and in the ring both in conformation and obedience.

All are beloved pets.

"Jasmine" CH Intrigue's West Coast Expression CGC QC RATI

Jasmine is a Kruger X Fusion daughter.

Jasmine is our liver nosed girl and lives here with us in NC.

"Circe" Intrigue's Enchanting Siragon Expression

Circe is a Kruger X Fusion daughter.

Circe lives with Nicole in Richmond, VA. She has been on a few coursing fun-runs and shows great promise. She earned a reserve to her sister Jasmine her first weekend in the show ring, May, 2015.

"Alinea" BIF Intrigue's Legendary Five Star Expression

Alinea is a Kruger X Fusion daughter

Alinea lives with Andrea in Washington, DC. 

Alinea entered her first ASFA lure coursing trial in early November 2015. She not only won the open class, but took Best In Field!!! She now has 16 points.

"Koa" Intrigue's Koa Bay RN

Koa is a Kruger X Fusion son

Koa lives in Palmer, Alaska with Jenny and Steve. 

Koa has been working with Jenny in Rally Obedience. He consistently scored over 90+ to get his Rally Novice Title!!!

For being Fusion's only boy in the litter... he sure is holding his own!

"Nyah" Intrigue's Nyah Penelope

Nyah is a Kruger X Fusion daughter

Lives with Stephanie and Don in Virginia Beach.


Circe is a Kruger X Fusion daughter

Circe went to live with Ryan and Leigh Ann in Atlanta, Georgia.


Satele is a Kruger X Fusion daughter, and lives in Cary, NC with Wes and Amy. From Satele's owners: Satele is just the right mix of playful and athletic... She also loves to cuddle on the couch! I started taking her on light jogs recently and she is so good- stays right with me. She is great with the kids and likes to stop by each of their rooms at night for a cuddle. We could not be happier with her... Such a great addition to the family!

Some Candid shots of Fusion's kids...

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