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Intrigue Rhodesian Ridgebacks

     Breeding For Healthy, Sound tempered, Athletic Sighthounds, According to the Breed Standard

Planned Litters

Cricket and Finn welcomed 14 healthy babies on September 7, 2021

This litter currently has all been placed.  

We are currently accepting applications for a summer 2022 litter with Kaydee.

When you contact us, we will send you an introductory letter to include general information about our placement process including prices and a puppy questionnaire. 

Things to consider when looking for an RR puppy:

--Flexibility in sex and coat/nose color for the best temperament fit for your family

(increases chances for puppy placement)

--Plans to do puppy classes/obedience classes, proper socialization early on (3 new places, 3 new people per week early on even with Covid conditions, it Can be done). Simply put if you do not have the time or plans to do these things, it is not the right time to bring a puppy into your home

--Time daily for proper exercise and stimulation, including how this fits with working hours if you work fulltime. Crating a puppy all day/5 days a week is not an appropriate or fair plan for a puppy.

--Expose yourself, meet some ridgebacks and get to know the breed if you are not a previous owner; hounds are more challenging to train than working breeds for example and often a poor choice for a first time dog owner

--Research dog trainers for hounds and for positive training styles. Traditional training which includes corrective training (such as jerking/ popping a dog's collar) is not appropriate nor will it give you desired results with a ridgeback. Hounds do not innately please humans (they are pack dogs, hunters) and you will never force them to do so. They are also quite stubborn. Positive reinforcement with lots of food is far more effective and a preferred method. Ridgebacks are not easily forgiving of bad experiences either, so keep this in mind as you look for proper trainers, ahead of bringing home a puppy. This is very important.

Gemini winning first place brood bitch at the 2007 Nationals

with sons Atticus and Koda behind her.

Calypso following on Momma Gemini's heels winning third place

brood bitch at the 2012 Nationals with daughters Ellie and Fusion.

Breeding Program Details

One of the staples of our breeding program is Ridgebacks true to type, with plenty of reach and drive. Our foundation stock, Gemini and Apollo, provided us that. Dogs placed in the show ring are required to have fluid, clean, unrestricted movement, it is otherwise a pet in our program.

We consistently produce sound representatives of the breed. We have attended numerous National Specialties over the years, and have placed in every show we have entered since 2005, in all venues including Rally obedience, Novice obedience, Lure coursing, Endurance and Conformation. We had our first Triathlon Qualifier in 2009 and our second in 2013. We only breed from AKC Championed stock, with the goal to produce champions for the next generation and wonderful pets for special homes. It is also not unusual for us to travel for the stud dog of our choice to give us the best options for our program. In 2014, we used frozen semen shipped in from CA, and in 2017, we used chilled semen shipped in again from CA. 

Things to Consider When Searching for a Puppy or Breeder

Responsible breeders typically have a full wait list for litters before or around the time of whelping. 

It is important to get on a wait list ahead of time. Waiting several months for a well-bred Ridgeback is quite common and should be expected. Our litters are definitely planned this way and well ahead of the 8 week mark for puppies to head to their new homes. This is very often the case responsible breeders period. Bringing a litter into the world with little to no homes lined up is not responsible. Taking a puppy home is not first come first serve, as our number one goal is to match puppies to the right owners for them to flourish and mature properly. Each puppy is evaluated at 7 weeks for temperament to decide which home would be the best match. Puppies change daily almost before this point, so no decisions are made in stone before the Temperament test. We will be very honest if we decide we do not have the right puppy for a specific home and will try to match you with another breeder to find that perfect puppy.

Be patient and respectful when inquiring with a breeder. An email inquiry asking only "if we have puppies and how much do they cost?" is inappropriate. Most breeders require a puppy questionnaire as an initial part of the process, before opening their home for visits. Breeders have busy lives with jobs and families too so please be patient. The questionnaire gives breeders a background on each candidate and gives a basis for further interviewing. A good breeder is one who plans carefully each litter and very carefully interviews for appropriate homes for their puppies. A good breeder is active in conformation shows and/or performance events and is a member of breed clubs (such as the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States (RRCUS) and/or a local obedience, training or performance club). They are proving the viability of thier stock by participating in such events. That said, spend the time to investigate breeders as these affiliations do not guarantee reputable breeding and support is happening. The goal of any breeding should be preservation of the breed through correct conformation, with the goal to place some pups in the show ring and hopefully in the future of the breeding program. A good breeder quite simply is involved in the "dog fancy", not just selling dogs to pay their mortgage. You could ask yourself, is this breeder working for a living, or just producing puppies? Do they always just use thier own stud dogs, or are they open to the financial commitment which involves potentially using frozen or chilled semen, or a dog of vaster distance to get to for breeding?? How many litters do thier girls produce? How many litters per year do they produce? What do they do If a dog winds up in rescue (of thier breeding)? Will they take a dog back and/or rehome a dog they bred? Is this breeder running health tests as recommended by RRCUS on thier breeding stock? Many times these are good things to consider overall in investgating breeders. They all reflect integrity and responsibility in breeding dogs. As is obvious, research and time needs to be done to find a quality puppy from a solid breeder.

Definitely check for full health testing....

OFA Hips and Elbows, Full Thyroid panel, CERF (eyes), Cardiac, EOAD deafness, DM DNA. Results for these should be available from the breeder for both parents. Thyroid and CERF (eye) reports should be current (within 18 months minimum) when a breeding is done. Testing these areas only once, assuming all is good and 3-4 yrs later breeding is inappropriate and irresponsible.

Puppies Go home with the following:

AKC registration paperwork

First 8 week vaccine, deworming and full vet check-up

Extensive puppy packet, puppy pedigree, health certificates for both parents

An old toy (smells like momma) and a new toy

food, Ester C/cranbery powder, Snuggle Puppy, Pillow pet, puppy collar

Previous Intrigue Litters

July 2005: Gemini X Beckett 

Ch Intrigue's Madeira Magic Koda, CGC TDI

Grand Ch Intrigue's Madeira Trojan Moon, CGC TDI HIC RN ET Fch SC TT

Ch Intrigue's Madeira Olympian Goddess, HIC

Ch Intrigue's Madeira Amazn Aladdin, CGC TDI TT ET RE CD Fch SC HIC VC

March and November 2006: Gemini X Seger

Ch Intrigue's Atticus by Seger, CGC SC RN Fch

Ch Intrigue Epic Journey, MC RN ET CGC TT Fch

January 2008: Hera X Apollo

Intrigue's Mission to Kailua-Kona, CGC TT RN

DC Intrigue's Mission Impossible, MC CGC ET

DC Intrigue's Olympic F1 Legend, SC CGC ET

UKC Ch Intrigue's Lava Girl Kioni, CGC RN TDI

March 2009: Calypso X Apollo

  Ch Intrigue's Gem on Fire, CGC SC RN ET

Ch Intrigue's RS Lie Down With Lions, CGC

Intrigue's Trojan Redd Sun, CGC TDI JC QC RN TT BN

Intrigue's Second Wind Orla, CGC QC JC BN RA TDI TD

November 2010: Calypso X Titan


Intrigue's King of Matabos, CGC JC SC

Grand Ch Intrigue's I'm the Bees Knees at Cynara, RN CGC JC QC BN

Intrigue's Sweet Northern Sage, CGC HIC

March 2012: Calypso X Titan (repeat)

Int Ch Intrigue's Discordia, CGC SC RN

Intrigue's First Legend of Ferarri, CGC JC

March 2014: Fusion x Kruger


BIF FC Intrigue's Legendary Five Star Expression, SC

CH Intrigue's Enchanting Siragon Expression, JC QC CAA CGC TKN DCAT ATT

Intrigue's Koa Bay, RE RM NA

July 2017: Mister x Jasmine

CH Intrigue's Summer of Love, CA JC QC TKA CGC BCAT RN ACT1 CGCA BN

CH Intrigue's Woofstock Expression, CGC CAA TKA BN RI ACT1 BCAT CGCA (two Specialty 5 point majors)

CH Intrigue's Incredible Expression of Jabari

Intrigue's Floats like a Butterfly Stings like a B, JC QC

Dec 2017: Gaius x Circe

Siragon's Intriguing Siren Saber, TKN JC QC DCAT ATT CA

July 2020: Blu x Jasmine

Intrigue's Moon River By Orangewood, CGC CGCA TKN RN

Intrigue's Moons of Reflection, CGC CGCU TKN