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Lure Coursing

The Field: The Place we like to see an Athlete Flourish...

A favorite event with our dogs is the lure coursing field. Here you get to see if the structure really works, and get a feel for the drive our hounds have. Our dogs run well, and love to go. 

Success depends on correct structure, high drive, and fitness level. And sometimes a bit of luck in scoring.

We have produced numerous field champions, and dual champions. Both of our boys are AKC Dual Champions, as well as ASFA Champions. But I almost put more merit on the Field portion because it establishes that they can do the job for which they were intended. They have more than proven this by also earning Best in Field wins running with other hounds. Titan has earned a record SEVEN of these in limited runs. Apollo has also already produced several FC's and DC's in limited breeding.

Pictures from several generations...

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