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National Wins

Each year the National Breed Club, The Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States (RRCUS), holds a show at the national level. It gives us the opportunity to compete with and see some of the dogs in this country that we normally wouldn't. There are also some events that are offered here that we only see at Nationals (Hunting and Endurance trial titles for example).

Our dogs have done well and we feel it is a great honor to earn placements at such events.

More pictures can be seen in the photo gallery.


Topeka, Kansas

Agility: Titan Double Qualifier, Novice Preferred Jumpers and Standard, Second Place

Standard.....Fusion: Qualifier in Jumpers Preferred, Third Place

Novice Obedience, Class B: Titan and Shiloh Qualified

Vet Sweeps: Apollo 3rd Place 9-11 Dog

Amatuer-Owner Class: Eris 4th Place

Endurance: Fusion Qualified

Triathlon: Titan Qualified for the Second time


Orlando, Florida

Lure coursing: 2nd Mambo, 3rd Fusion Open stake. Breeder Stake winner.

Novice Obedience: Jackson first Q

Rally Novice A: Kaden wins the class

Rally Novice B: Apollo wins the class, Ellie Q's.

Rally Advanced B: Orla wins the class, Jackson Q's.

Field Champion class: Traeger 3rd, Ayrton 4th

Altered dogs: 3rd Epic, 4th Jackson

7-9 Vet Bitches: Calypso made the cut

Bred by Bitches: Fusion made the cut

Amateur owner class: Ellie WINS this with Shannon

Brood Bitch: Calypso 3rd Place with Ellie and Fusion behind her!

5 Endurance titles: Ayrton, Traeger, Ellie, Jackson, and Titan (added a 2 after his title since it was his second time)

Two CGC titles on puppies Eris and Ascari (Titan x Calypso)


Rapid City, South Dakota

Shiloh won 2nd Place in the 9-12 month puppy class under Kent Delaney. She earned a Qualifying score in Rally Novice, and 4th Place. She finished up with her CGC title.

Intrigue's I'm The Bees Knees at Cynara, RN CGC

Astra went 3rd place in her Field Champion stake. This was her second National placement.

BIF DC Cynara's Astral Phenomenon, SC CGC RN HIC


Ventura, California

Ventura, CA, is a hit for exactly the two dogs we had representing our kennel, Khoi and Pepper!

Pepper: Orangewood's Peppa Pepparazzi at Old Ranch (Apollo X Ziita)

placed 3rd in the 6-9 Sweepstakes class under breeder-judge Doreen Kent

Khoi: Intrigue'd Khoisan by Tam Lyn, SC HIC CGC TDI HRQ2 TT

(Apollo X Gennie)

placed 3rd in the American-bred class under breeder-judge Sandra Fikes


Lansing, Michigan

3 new ET (Endurance Trial) titles...Epic, Titan, and Zuri

2 new hunting titles, Junior Hunter, and Class 2 small game, Khoi

First Place Regional Specialty Am-Bred class, Khoi

3rd Place Puppy Sweeps, Astra (Apollo daughter)

3rd Place FC class, conformation, Apollo

3rd Place Am-Bred class, Zuri

1st Place Am-Bred class, Astra

2nd Place Brood Bitch, Katie, with Apollo daughters Astra and Stella behind her!!

2nd PLace FC class, conformation, Calypso (10 weeks after delivering 11 puppies!!!)

1st place, Atticus, and 3rd Place, Zuri, Rally Novice obedience

Qualifying Leg, Rally Novice B, Trouble (Apollo daughter)

Class 2 Hunting Qualifier, Trouble

4th place and qualifying, CD Novice obedience, Titan!

Triple Qualifier, Triathalon, Titan!

4th Place Open stake lure coursing, Astra


Gettysburg, Pennsylvania


2nd Place 18-24 month Sweepstakes AND 4th Place Bred-By Exhibitor Dog, CGC Earned


2nd Place Altered Bitch


Endurance Trial, ET earned


ET earned, 3rd Place Open Lure Coursing, 3rd Place Rally Excellent, Qualifier RAE leg,

Second Cut Best Ridge


3rd Place Open Lure Coursing, CGC earned


First Cut Best Ridge


Made the Cut in 12-18 month Sweepstakes (5th in lineup just missing the ribbons),

Hunting Qualifier earned, Junior Courser earned, TDI earned


Mason, Ohio

Titan, 3rd place 6-9 Puppy Sweeps

Atticus, 2nd Place 12-18 month Dog, First cut Best Ridge

Koda, 2nd Place bred-By Dog, Best Ridge Finalist

Zuri, 4th Place 6-9 Puppy Bitch

***Gemini, FIRST Place Brood Bitch!!***

Apollo, First Place Field Champion Dog Class

Aladdin, First Cut Best of Breed, Best Ridge Finalist, CGC

Gemini also finished First Place RRCUS Brood Bitch for 2007 (two-way tie), with 5 champions finished by us breeder-owner-handled. She is featured on the COVER of the spring 2009 Ridgeback magazine.


Perry, Georgia

Apollo WINS the 12-18 month puppy Sweeps class, and competes for Best in Sweeps! He also made the cut in regular classes. He and Gemini earned their Herding Instinct Certificates....

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